Recovering digital photos from corrupt or erased compact flash or SD cards

If you need to recover digital photos from your camera’s compact flash (CF) or secure digital (SD) card you should know about Glazer’s Camera’s data recovery services.

Recently, a client needed this service. Glazer’s was able to recover over 1200 RAW and JPEG images from 3 CF cards which my client had erased (reformatted) in her camera. My client had already copied the RAW and JPEG images onto an external hard drive but they mysteriously disappeared. Upon discovering that the images were not on the external hard drive, I recommended a professional data recovery service which would have cost hundreds of dollars. A friend of my client came up with a faster and much less costly option.

My client took her CF cards to Glazer’s where they were able to successfully recover all of the missing images. They charged $30 per card and then copied the recovered images onto her external hard drive. So, if you live in the greater Seattle area and you ever need this service, keep Glazer’s in mind. Of course, to reduce the likelihood that you ever need this service please follow these tips for protecting digital images provided by DriveSavers in one of their recent newsletters.

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