Increase Your Productivity With A Clipboard Manager

Have you ever found yourself flipping back and forth between a web page and an email message, copying and pasting mulitple pieces of information from the web page into your email message? If so, then you should use a clipboard manager application to access multiple clipboards.

Another common use that I have is that I copy some text and then get distracted. I forget to paste it immediately and end up copying other text. With Mac OS X’s clipboard, which can only hold one piece of data at a time, the first string of text would be overwritten and lost. Clipboard managers store dozens of items. These items can then be restored from a list of items or sometimes by using a keyboard shortcut. I like to use keyboard-based methods since I find them faster.

My clipboard manager of choice is LaunchBar ($30) because it’s also a great application launcher. Here are some other clipboard managers that you should consider:  JumpCut (free) and Pastebot ($12).

JumpCut is a one-trick pony that I’ve used in the past. It’s simple to use, and you can’t beat the price. I haven’t tried CopyPastePro or Clips. Clips is a relatively new clipboard manager, but it has a lot of features and capabilities. It could be worth checking out.

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