Upgrade Firmware On HP MFP M477 Series Printer To Resolve 59.F0 Error

Do you have an HP Color LaserJet MFP M477 series printer? Is your printer displaying 59.F0 error on its touchscreen display? Online research indicates that this error message can indicate that your printer has experienced a hardware malfunction. However, sometimes, this error can be resolved by upgrading the printer’s firmware. Hewlett Packard makes a Mac application named HP Firmware Updater. However, this application can’t communicate with the printer when it is displaying this error message. Here are instructions that I received from HP that include alternate ways to install a firmware update.

To get the best support for your printer, please contact HP support or 1-800 334 5144. If you follow these instructions you do so at your own risk. Failing to install firmware properly on a device can leave that device completely inoperable.

I had a productive chat session with Rakesh of HP support. He sent me instructions for installing new firmware into my MFP m477fdn. He also sent me the current firmware for my HP MFP m477fdn printer. Please contact HP support to get the most current firmware file for your specific printer model. I put my firmware (DCCV1_51.prn) onto a USB flash drive formatted as a FAT32 drive. I connected the flash drive to the printer and followed the instructions to install the firmware into the printer. The method is a bit counter-intuitive, but follow the instructions and be patient. I waited for about 2 minutes after loading the firmware file. The printer sat idle during this time and displayed no messages that it was doing anything. Then the printer restarted, as the instructions indicated it would. The printer started up normally and displayed its Ready screen. The 59.0F error was resolved. I was then able to print a configuration report which listed the correct firmware version, Controller Number 15101. I then tested printing from my Mac. It all worked beautifully. If your printer continues to display the 59.0F error message then please contact HP support to find an HP authorized service provider in your area.


  1. thank you for your excellent help. I followed your instructions and it appears to have worked perfectly. I had read many other articles on this subject prior to yours. All were very confusing and cumbersome. Many said it needed repairs, etc. Needless to say, your information was a blessing. Thank your for helping.

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