Create Unique Business Cards using Moo

Create a great first impression with unique business cards made by Moo. Moo lets you design your own business card on their web site. That’s not so unusual. What is unusual is that you can place a unique image, photo, quote, math question or coupon code on each card. This flexibility is a great way for a photographer to highlight their portfolio, or a great way for a math tutor to highlight what she can teach you or a great way for a company to promote a product at a trade show. You have to watch Moo’s video about their Printfinity service to fully understand.

Moo offers standard size business cards, half size cards which they call MiniCards. You can also order postcards, greeting cards, stickers and labels. You can order small batches such as 50 business cards, 100 MiniCards or 20 postcards. Think of the customized marketing that you could do. You can print QR (QuickResponse) codes on the cards if you’d like.

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