Sip & Ship offers private mailbox, shipping, shredding and notary services

I’ve been a long-time customer of Sip & Ship. It is a friendly one-stop shop that is a great resource for my one-person business. They offer a long list of business-related services which are available a la carte. They also offer coffee, muffins, sandwiches, greeting cards and personal gifts. It’s run by a husband and wife team, Diana and Steve, and their staff. I use their Ballard location. A few years ago they expanded and opened a second store in Greenwood.

Initially, I only used Sip & Ship’s package receiving service. I signed up for this free service, then they charged me a few dollars for each package I had delivered to their store. As a computer consultant, I order a lot of products and many require a signature upon delivery. It was very convenient to have the boxes delivered to Sip & Ship where there was always somebody around to sign for the package. The staff then notified me and I swung by to pick it up.

Over the years, I’ve availed myself of a number of Sip & Ship’s services, including the following:

  • I signed up for their private mailbox service when Diana pointed out that the annual fee for this service was less than the amount I paid for all of the packages I received throughout the year. I can now have any and all mail delivered there and they’ll sign for, then hold all of my packages.
  • Diana is a notary public so I’ve been able to have her notorize documents for me when I swing by to pick up my mail.
  • Pack and mail boxes. Sip & Ship is a full-service shipper. They work with USPS, FedEx, UPS and, no doubt, other shippers. I frequently mail packages and envelopes of all sizes. I get a discount on shipping costs since I rent a private mailbox. The Sip & Ship staff also offer custom packing services if you don’t have a box and padding materials. One time I had to send a laptop to California and they did a great job building a custom box with lots of padding. The laptop arrived intact and on-time.
  • Sometimes I purchase a chai and head up to their balcony to get caught up on my email via their free Wi-Fi network.

Recently, I learned that Sip & Ship offers a convenient drop-off shredding service. They charge $1 per pound of paper or $10 per bankers box. The shredding machine is located in their Greenwood store. You can drop off the paper at their Ballard store ¬†and they’ll transport it for you or you can take it directly to their Greenwood store.

I’ve probably only mentioned half of the services that they offer. If you’re a small business owner in the greater Ballard or Greenwood neighborhoods check out Sip & Ship and see if they can be of service to you.

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