QuickLook is a Fast Way to View a File

Here are some examples of how I use QuickLook. I often have a Word or Excel file I need to reference. I don’t need to make a change to the document I just want to read some information from it or remind myself of some details. Rather than double-clicking the file and waiting for Word or Excel to open, I simply use QuickLook by selecting the file and hitting the space bar. When I’m cleaning up my Desktop, I’ll often select multiple files at once by Command-Clicking on them and then I invoke QuickLook. QuickLook lets me view each file one by one so I can see their contents and determine where they should be filed or if I can put them in the Trash. Not every type of file can be viewed with QuickLook, but the most common file types can such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, .mp3, .jpg and many others. As developers update their applications they can add support for QuickLook, so over time more file types will be supported.

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