How to configure iCal to send yourself email reminders

Would you like to schedule automatic email reminders to yourself for iCal appointments? Here are instructions on getting this set up.

  1. Open Address Book, click on the Card menu and select Go to My Card. Make sure that the My Card exists and that it contains your name and the email address at which you’d like to receive email reminders. You can add multiple email addresses if you want some reminders to go to one address and have other reminders go to another address.
  2. Open iCal, click on the File menu and select Add Event. Type in a name for the event.
  3. Double-click the event to see the event’s details if you use OS X 10.5 or later. If you use OS X 10.4 then single click on the event to view the details in the Info area. In the Alarm section click on the word None to view a list of options. Select Email from that list. Then, below that, you can select from multiple email addresses if you have them listed in your My Card. You can also set how far in advance you’d like the email reminder to be sent.
  4. You can set multiple email reminders. For example, maybe you’d like a reminder 12 hours in advance and then again 1 hour in advance. If you use OS X 10.5 or later then a second Alarm field automatically appears so just repeat the instructions in step 3 to add a second alarm. If you use OS X 10.4 then you’ll have to control-click on the word Alarm and select Add Alarm from the menu that appears.

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