Replacement Applications for PageMaker

Are you looking for a replacement for PageMaker? Did you like the easy of use that PageMaker offered? It was a basic page layout application. Adobe realized that PageMaker wasn’t capable enough for professional designers so they replaced it with InDesign. However, InDesign is overkill for many small business owners who just want to create simple flyers or newsletters. Here’s a list of applications that you mind find as a suitable replacement for PageMaker. In a future blog post I will compare the best of this list.

Stone Design’s Create $150

Diwan Software’s Ready Set Go $175

Scribus, a free, open source application

BeLight Software’s Swift Publisher $45

Apple’s Pages, part of iWork, $79 [Update September 2014: Pages is now available as free download on the Mac App Store for all newly purchased Macs. Otherwise it costs $19.99]

iCalamus, $54.99

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