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Information for clients new to Sound Support. Welcome!

What We Do
Our focus is small-office and home-office business customers. This means that we’ll recommend solutions that are appropriate for your needs. You want simple systems that you can maintain yourself without having to become a computer expert. Often we recommend the same products that we use. For example, let us help you setup a reliable, redundant, automated backup system. Or let us setup printer sharing or file sharing so you can be more productive. We’ll teach you the little things that’ll make you more efficient and productive on your Mac. A more detailed list of the types of projects we do can be found on this page.

How We Do It
Mac IT support can be provided in-person, via telephone and in conjunction with remote control software at a rate of $120 per hour, in 15 minute increments.

A $30 travel fee applies for trips less than 15 miles.
A $60 travel fee applies for trips greater than 15 miles.

We ask that you submit all support requests via email or phone by contacting or (425) 818-0791.

*Payment is not required at time of service, rather we will invoice you by email after the service has been completed. That invoice can be paid by check, credit card or PayPal. If you would prefer to pay at time of service, you’re welcome to write a check or we can swipe your card.

Several training options are available. First, one on one training at your location is provided at the same rate as IT support. Second, Tim runs a Group Mac Support monthly Meetup that meets the third Monday of each month at HomeStreet Bank at 7307 Greenwood Ave. in Phinney Ridge. More details about this group are available on our group class page. Third, we provide customized group training at your location. Let us know if you are interested in a customized class.

Extra Perks
Tim publishes a weekly Tech Tip covering useful hints, tips and tricks. All new clients are subscribed to this email list and may opt out by simply ignoring the confirmation email when it arrives.

Client Appreciation
When your refer a new client to us and that client works with us for at least one hour, you earn two hours of Tim’s time for the price of one!

Tim speaks multiple languages.  He speaks Ignorant User, in which he can turn computer jargon and complicated issues into layperson’s terms and present them in a friendly, knowledgeable, and easy-to-understand way.  I’ve also heard him speak Professional Computerese, when he talks to my husband, who is a network manager, or to the other computer professionals at my place of employment.  He knows his Mac’s inside and out, both current and vintage models.  I can count on him to provide me with the education I need in a gentle and respectful manner.  And I can also count on him to give me expert information and practical advice to help me make good decisions on maintenance, upgrades, and choices in software and hardware.  He’s bailed me out both at home and at work numerous times, and I know all I have to do is call, and he’s there.  On top of all that, he’s a really nice guy.

Carrie Cone
residential customer

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