Basic CrashPlan Troubleshooting

Are you using CrashPlan to backup your Mac? Did you get a report indicating that CrashPlan has not completed a backup of your Mac? There are a number of possible causes. Follow these steps to assess the situation. Hopefully, you will gather information that helps you to identify the source of the problem.

[Update early 2018 – These instructions are now outdated. They worked with versions of CrashPlan version 5.x and prior. CrashPlan was completely redesigned starting with version 6.0 which was released in the fall of 2017.]

Follow these instructions to assess CrashPlan.

1. Please make sure that your computer is on, awake and connected to the Internet so CrashPlan can backup to the CrashPlan Central servers. If you have CrashPlan configured to run during a certain range of hours, please make sure you leave your Mac on during this time frame.

2. Please click on the CrashPlan icon in menu bar and read the status which is listed at the top of the list. This status will tell us if CrashPlan is running, in general. Additionally, it will tell us if it is in the middle of backing up your files. It is possible that if you’ve added many gigabytes (GB) of data to your Mac recently, CrashPlan has not had time to finish the backups. As needed, proceed to the next step.

3. Assuming CrashPlan is running then please dig deeper by clicking on the CrashPlan icon in the menu bar and select “Show CrashPlan”. Wait for the CrashPlan application to open, then, click on History. Read the History that is listed to see if any error messages are listed. Specifically look for indications that either recent backups were successful or if there are problems backing up one or more files.

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