PDFPen An Affordable PDF Editor

Do you need to edit PDF files on your Mac? Previously, I’ve talked about Preview’s built-in editing features. If these features aren’t adequate for your needs most people think they need to get Adobe Acrobat, which currently costs $13-$15 per month with an annual subscription, but I prefer to use PDFPen which has a one-time cost of $75 (or $125 if you buy PDFPen Pro). 

PDFPen Pro has allowed me to do anything I’ve ever needed to do to a PDF, including the following tasks:

  • re-arrange pages
  • add ore remove pages
  • merge PDFs
  • make a PDF searchable using OCR
  • password protect a PDF and control whether others can edit, annotate or print the pdf
  • create PDF forms

To learn everything that PDF Pen can do, check out the PDFPen online manual.

You can also watch some PDFPen video tutorials.

Check out the differences between PDFPen and PDFPen Pro.

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