What’s New In OS X Mavericks?

Have you recently upgraded to OS X Mavericks or are you considering this upgrade? Here are a few links to help you get an overview of the new features. Apple released Mavericks in October 2013. While I had it running on a couple of my Macs, I didn’t upgrade my everyday laptop until last month.

You might want to read Mavericks’ Technical Specifications to see if your Mac can run it. Any Mac that can run OS X Mountain Lion can also run Mavericks. If you choose to upgrade your Mac please make sure you have a full backup, such as a Time Machine backup, before you upgrade. Upgrading to Mavericks is free for Macs running OS X 10.6.6 or higher. While the minimum requirement is 2GB, I recommend that you have at least 4 GB of memory installed in your Mac to run Mavericks for acceptable performance.

Apple always advertises that they’ve added hundreds of new features to each new version of OS X. Apple provides both the full list and the top 10 features that they want to hightlight.

Personally, my two favorite features are Finder Tabs and changes to how multiple displays are handled. Finder Tabs let me easily move files between various folders that I frequently use. I regularly connect my laptop to an external monitor and I like having the top menu bar and Dock appear on both monitors.

I also like the brand-new Maps application since I don’t like some of the changes that Google has made over the past year or so to their maps website.

A number of my clients were excited that Apple finally brought the iBooks app to their Mac so they are not restricted to use it only on their iPad or iPhone.

If you have upgraded to Mavericks and have any questions about using these new features check out Apple’s help pages for Mavericks.

If you’ve upgraded to Mavericks then you might be interested in reading about OS X Yosemite, scheduled to be released Fall 2014.  For the first time Apple is offering a public beta for up to 1 million users. They released this public beta at the end of July. I have it running on one of my Macs. Guess what, there are more changes forthcoming!