4 Tools to Manage Your To-Do List Electronically

This week’s Tech Tip is written by our guest blogger, Elizabeth Bowman, President of Innovatively Organized.

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Are tasks slipping through the cracks? Feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities on your plate?  There are lots of tools to help you manage your to-do list, but how do you know which tools are best?  You’re in luck!  At Innovatively Organized we have put together a list of 4 tools to help you manage your to-do list electronically.  Now, you will be able to access your tasks from home, the office, or on the go from an Internet browser or your mobile device!

Keep in mind, it’s not about having the perfect to-do list, it is about picking a tool that will work for you and using it consistently.

1. TeuxDeux

Compatible with:

• iPhone or iPad

• Internet

• Mac or PC


• Simple design

• Basic list tracker

• Cross out tasks when complete

• Moves un-finished items to the next day automatically


Toodle Do Interface

Toodle Do’s Interface

2. Toodledo

Compatible with:

• iPhone, iPad, Palm, Blackberry, Droid

• Internet

• Ability to sync with Outlook & TaskAngel

• Has ability to print to-do list neatly


• Comprehensive and robust features

• Offers ability to delegate and email tasks directly

• Can filter and run reports on tasks

• Includes a timer to help you stay on task


3. TaskAngel

Compatible with:

• Native PC software download

• Ability to sync with Toodledo


• Matches Toodledo’s comprehensive task tracking details

• Runs fast on your PC helping you stay productive easily

• Can export your to-do list to Excel


4. 2Do

Compatible with:

• iPhone & iPad

• Ability to sync with Toodledo


• Option to color-code tasks by category

• Provides tabs in the interface on an iPhone and iPad

• Has lots of fields to enter your tasks easily from a mobile device

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