Are You Unable to Install Office 2008 Update 12.2.9?

Are you unable to install Office 2008 Update 12.2.9 because you’re told you have to quit Sync Services, but you can’t find SyncServices? Use this work around.

In order to get the 12.2.9 update install, I had to stop using Microsoft’s built-in auto-update feature and install do this installation by hand using these steps.

  • Download the Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.9 update from Microsoft’s web site by clicking the Download button. The update should be placed in your Downloads folder if your Mac uses Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It’ll be named Office2008-1229UpdateEN.dmg
  • Close and save all open documents and quit all applications.
  • Shut down the Mac.
  • Safe Boot by holding down the shift key while you start the Mac up. Keep holding the shift key until the gray Apple logo appears on the screen. We’re using Safe Boot to ensure that Sync Services is not running. A Safe Boot takes longer than a normal startup, so please be patient.
  • When your Mac has finished starting up double-click the Office2008-1229UpdateEN.dmg file located in your Downloads folder. (Or wherever it is located.)
  • Double-click the Office 2008 12.2.9 Update.mpkg to start the installer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions which are displayed. Mostly you just need to click on the Continue and Agree buttons a few times. Eventually you’ll be asked to enter your Mac account’s username and password.
  • The 12.2.9 update will be installed. Quit the installer after it has finished.
  • Restart your Mac normally. In other words do not do another Safe Boot.

Congratulations. You’re done. The update is installed. You can confirm this by opening Word and then selecting “About Word” from the Word menu. You’ll see version 12.2.9 listed.

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