How to get Verizon Wireless’ Pantech UMW190 Aircard to work on Mac OS X 10.6

Are you having difficulty getting Verizon Wireless UMW190 Aircard working on your Mac running OS X 10.6? If so, make sure you’re using the proper version of VZAccess Manager. I know that the UMW190 works with version 7.0.5.

Verizon Wireless’ web page for Support Devices & Platforms lists the incorrect version of VZAccess Manager. It indicates that if your Mac is running OS X 10.6 then you should use VZAccess Manager version 7.2.1 (2595a). I spent a long time banging my head against the wall to find out that this is incorrect.. You can install version 7.2.1 and your UMW190 will be able to establish a connection to Verizon Wireless. It even gets an IP number assigned, but it can’t ping its WAN IP number, it can’t ping typically available public IP numbers and it doesn’t respond to pings. I spoke to Verizon Wireless tech support on a handful of occasions and we repeatedly reviewed which version of VZAccess Manager I had installed. I indicated version 7.2.1 and none of them indicated that this was wrong. So, either they refer to the same web page that I found or their internal documentation lists the wrong version also.

The clue that lead me to try the “wrong” version was the ReadMe file for the 7.2.1 Installer. I read through the list of supported Aircard devices and the UWM190 wasn’t listed. I then revisited Verizon Wireless’ Supported Devices & Platforms page and saw that the UMW175 and UMW 150 cards use VZAccess Manager 7.0.5.  I guessed that the UMW190 was probably a pretty similar device, so I downloaded version 7.0.5 and read its ReadMe file. Sure enough the UMW190 was listed! I installed this version, restarted my Mac, established a connection. Voila. That was it. Everything worked. I was able to view web pages and send and receive email.