How can I easily print only part of a web page?

Have you ever wanted to print just part of a web page or some other document? If so, you should consider installing the free Print Selection Service.

(Note: as of September 2016, Print Selection is no longer available)

Using Print Selection is easy. One just needs to select text in any document such as a web page, a word processing document or a PDF file. Then go to the application menu, select Services and select Print Selection. A preview window will appear. Simply click the Print button. The only tricky thing is being able to find the application menu. The application menu is the menu named after the application you are using. For example, if you’re using Safari, then its application menu is the menu named Safari. If you’re using Pages, then the application menu is named Pages.

Print Selection requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. It also requires that the Mac application supports the use of Services. While most applications do support Services, not all developers take the time to build this into their product. The most notable example of this is Microsoft. Neither Office 2004 nor Office 2008 applications support Services.

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