What will Apple’s tablet do differently?

It seems likely that Apple will be releasing a tablet computer in 2010 since there have been many articles in the past few months speculating about such a device. Tablet computers can be thought of as small, lightweight laptops without a traditional keyboard. Instead, the user typically interacts with the computer via a touchscreen or a stylus. Tablet computers have been around, in the world of Windows-based computers, for the past half dozen years, but they have never experienced wide appeal.

Apple has scheduled a media event for January 26th where it is widely suspected that they will announce their new tablet computer. However, it won’t likely ship until a few months later. Here’s a link to a story that summarizes the breadth of speculation written in the past months about Apple’s tablet computer. I’m more interested in knowing what Apple’s tablet will be able to do and how Apple intends to innovate tablet computers to make them mainstream devices. This article has some interesting thoughts about that topic. Check it out.